Around the World in music Monday: Panama’s Danilo Perez

24 Jan

Pianist Danilo Perez has been officially cultural ambassador for his native Panama, and he is also one of jazz’s ambassadors to the world. Born in 1966, Perez graduated from Berklee and was soon working with some of jazz’s greatest contemporary performers — Gary Burton, Wayne Shorter, Charlie Haden, Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker, Wynton Marsalis and many more. Soon became his own bandleader, but still plays with Wayne Shorter.  His album in the 1990s “The Journey” was an account of the trip African slaves made across the seas.

From the album’s liner notes:

some journeys are merely trips
from one place to another. But the
best of journeys are much more —
they are rich voyages, true passages
from which a traveler returns
enlightened with new knowledge
and fresh insights

A previous Grammy winner, and a 2011 Grammy nominee. Herbie Hancock: “but there are still amazing musicians – like Danilo Perez . . .  He is not afraid of anything.”


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