Peter Cincotti: I changed the rules

28 Jan

Peter Cincotti is only 27, but already has a discography that needs both hands. His most recent, 2009’s East of Angel Town, was his first of all-original music; a previous single  said Goodbye to Philadelphia –which probably won him a lot of points in New York and Boston, if not elsewhere.

Born in New York and mentored by Ellis Marsalis, you can draw comparisons, for the piano playing and vocalizing to Harry Connick Jr. Not surprising since he once sat with Connick at a show in Atlantic City at age 7, and toured with him when a teen. His early inspiration, though, was Jerry Lee Lewis, after Cincotti started playing  piano at 3 and writing his own music at 9; his mother supplied the lyrics (on the track below, music by Peter Cincotti and lyrics by his mother, Cynthia).

Now he has evolved into his own style — part pop, part jazz, all good.

Peter Cincotti: “One of the things I remember and I think one of the most important things is from my first lesson. My mother told the teacher, ‘Don’t let him play anything he doesn’t want to. I want it to be fun.’ ”

Listening to him, it still is.


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