Amos Lee: El Camino

30 Jan

Amos Lee doesn’t sound like a school teacher, but he was for two years after graduating from South Carolina and returning to his native suburban Philadelphia (Cherry Hill, N.J.).

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the children he taught, he sought a career in music. Now 32, he’s just recently released his fourth album, Mission Bell (link to a song from it below). “It’s heart music, not head music, and Amos Lee – to this fan’s great relief — once again proves himself a master of the genre,” said a reviewer.

Don’t try to peg his voice, or his music. Whether it’s more blues or folk, or reminds one more of  John Prine or Willie Nelson or James Taylor or someone else is moot. It’s all Amos Lee. Listen, and enjoy.

Well to all my friends, that I’ve loved the most
You know I’m heading out to that other coast
I’m going to wash my soul, and I’m gonna get it clean
Heading down the border road, called the El Camino

Here’s a link to a recent interview and performance on the World Cafe:

Amos Lee on World Cafe


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