Marcus Printup: Bird Feathers

2 Feb

 If Marcus Printup hadn’t attended the University of North Florida, and if he hadn’t met Marcus Roberts there in 1991, and if Roberts hadn’t recommended Printup to Wynton Marsalis . . . who knows? One connection led to another led to Printup playing for 17 years in the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra — fortunately for those who enjoy Printup’s trumpet playing.

Printup, who turned 44 last month, took a circuitous route to his trumpet. His first music preference was the drums, and his interest  in high school in Georgia was football — whose isn’t? But the trumpet prevailed and when Roberts encouraged Printup to play it with the verve he sang in choir in church, we had the sound you can link to below.

Printup has his own impressive resume as a leader, beginning with Song For a Beautiful Woman and including Bird of Paradise, from where the link below is from, and also in film.

Said Printup:  “Music is a healing force. If you are feeling sad, listening to music can help ease the pain. And if you’re feeling happy, music can help you celebrate. It’s powerful stuff and you have to believe in its power and in your ability to bring it to others.”

We believe, if Mr. Printup is playing the music.


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