Marvin Sease: Ghetto Man

13 Feb

In memory of blues singer Marvin Sease, who died last week at 64, little more than a week short of his 65th birthday.

Some of his lyrics might have been rated X (his biggest hit was Candy Licker), but he graded A with his fans, of which there were many.

Born in South Carolina, Sease started with gospel, but branched far away from it. Many of his songs were not considered appropriate for radio. His first R&B group included three brothers, but it wasn’t until the mid-80s that he began to attract a bigger following. His first album in 1986 included Ghetto Man (link above), then added Candy Licker later. Where Marvin Gaye’s lyrics left off, Sease’s picked up.

Said Variety of his biggest hit: “Without the benefit of airplay, this almost single-entendre celebration of sex became a smash hit, and Sease took its title as his professional nickname.”

Sease:  “There ain’t even a category for what we do. We’re considered blues singers, but we’re really not all down home blues singers. I would rather be classified as a soul, rhythm and blues singer.”


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