Roger Daltrey: See My Way

1 Mar

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey's solo album: Can't Wait to See The Movie. It made its way into many a cutout bin

A happy birthday to Roger Daltrey of The Who, who celebrates No. 67 today.

Only half of the band’s greatest quartet remain, and none has ever matched Daltrey’s enthusiasm for the band or for performing on any kind of stage. (Daltrey has often been quoted as saying if he wasn’t with The Who, he would have had a  career as a sheet-metal worker.)  Besides all he has done for The Who, Daltrey has released several solo albums and acted on stage, TV and film.

Daltrey said in an interview last December with CBS Los Angeles ( he had a precancerous growth removed before the band’s 2010 Super Bowl appearance. “I had two weeks of silence,” Daltrey said during the interview. “Silence and no drinking. How’s that for a good Christmas. So, you know, it was the strangest Christmas I’ve ever had.”

Daltrey wrote only a handful of The Who’s songs, but See My Way is one (the cruel among us would say it’s an example of why he only wrote a few songs, but not here).

Here’s a link:

I’m glad it’s goodbye
You don’t have to ask why
Come back another day
Come back when you see my way
You see my way


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