Around the World Monday: Britain’s Courtney Pine

7 Mar

Courtney Pine

Courtney Pine: Closer To Home


Courtney Pine told the Independent (link below) last fall that upon achieving success in the jazz world, he “became one of the most hated north London saxophonists of all time.”

Not here. Not now. Not ever.

Pine’s parents were Jamaican immigrants to London, and his sound reflects it. It’s been described as funky, and there’s more vocals than most jazz, but it’s an interesting fork in the genre, and there’s no reason to hate it.

“Courtney Pine,” wrote Delfayo Marsalis in the liner notes to Pine’s Within the Realms of Our Dreams album, “has mastered saxophone technique, in terms of velocity and accuracy, more so than any other musician since the great John Coltrane.” 

We’ll trust the experts on that. We do know that all of Pine’s influences — from the Caribbean to the spiritual — give him a unique sound, more loved than hated. And with only his 47th birthday later this month, we look forward to much more of it.

A link to the healing song (the spirit in mind) below, with the words from Pine’s album, to the eyes of creation:

“when you’re all alone
when the word seems cold
look into your soul
the healing song
to perceive the light
to receive the sight
be there as one
the healing song”
— Courtney Pine

The Independent’s 2010 feature on Pine:–i-became-one-of-the-most-hated-saxophonists-of-all-time-2131529.html

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