Around the World: France’s Jacky Terrasson

14 Mar

Jacky Terrasson

Jacky Terrasson's debut album for Blue Note

Born in 1966 in Germany to an American father and French mother, you can say Jacky Terrasson had options for citizenship. And though he has lived in New York and expressed great affection for its jazz scene, and attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston, his formative years were spent in France.

His debut album after winning the Thelonious Monk Piano competition in 1993 included Cole Porter’s I Love Paris — not a coincidence  it was the first song on the album. And in 2001 he released A Paris, which includes a couple of Terrasson originals, Porter’s I Love Paris again, La Marseillaise and a dozen titles for which you’ll need a French-English dictionary unless you speak the language as well as he does.

From an interview with (link below): “To me, if you look at jazz standards, where do they come from? They come from old Broadway shows, from movies, from the street. What I decided to do with A Paris . . .  is the same thing, but with a repertoire from where I grew up, with French songs.”

Jacky Terrasson interview with

Below is a link to Happy Man, from a 1998 live show in Nice, in the south of France:

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