Around the World: Germany’s Rainer Bruninghaus

11 Apr

Pianist Rainer Bruninghaus is best known for his work with other artists, but it’s certainly in part to him that those artists’ work is so well received. 

Bruninghaus has worked, with some overlap, with the best of the European ECM record label — first with bassist Eberhard Weber, his fellow and better-known countryman, during a succession of exemplary albums through the 1970s, and for much of the last two decades with Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek.

But Bruninghaus has also led a few albums, too, including 1981’s Freigeweht (link below).

Born in 1949 in the state of Lower Saxony in northwest Germany, Bruninghaus dabbled in rock before his union with Weber.

From Gary Glauber’s review on of Weber’s 2001 album Endless Days, on which Bruninghaus played: “Weber selected Bruninghaus because of his all-around musicianship, his ability to excel at classical music as well as jazz and his great sense of ensemble playing.”

Next Monday: Denmark


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