Paul Carrack: It Ain’t Easy To Love Somebody

22 Apr

Paul Carrack's album Groove Approved

Paul Carrack's 1989 album Groove Approved

Birthday greetings to British singer/songwriter Paul Carrack, who celebrates No. 60 today.

His 2008 album was called I Know That Name, and if you listen to enough music, you know that voice, too — whether with Squeeze, Ace (he wrote and sang How Long), Roxy Music, Mike and The Mechanics or any of his several solo albums. His voice has often been described as soulful or associated with the term “blue-eyed soul,” which Carrack acknowledged (link to the interview below).

“I don’t question it, I’m not a music analyst,” said Carrack. “But it seems to be a natural way when I approach a song, it seems to be in that kind of style.”

Carrack’s name may be best known for his time with Squeeze, even though it wasn’t long.

From Mike Ragogna at “By now we should not only know Paul Carrack’s name, but also the person behind that soul-drenched British voice that sounds like he grew up somewhere near Memphis or Detroit . . . or at least on the south side of Sheffield, South Yorkshire.”

From 2008’s I Know That Name:

Paul Carrack interview

By noBy now, we should not only know


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