Jamie Cullum: Photograph

20 Aug

Birthday greetings to British pop/jazz pianist-vocalist Jamie Cullum on his 32nd, though it’s hard to tell by looking at him. He still appears barely more than a day or two older than, say, Justin Bieber.

Cullum is Britain’s biggest-ever selling jazz artist, through a mix of boyish charm and enthusiasm, cover songs, and talent in the mold of Harry Connick or Peter Cincotti. He’s been called Sinatra in Sneakers, though it’s difficult to imagine the original Frank ever having smiled as much as Cullum.

Cullum produced his first album himself on a budget that would barely pay for parking. Within a decade he had sold millions of albums and collaborated with Clint Eastwood on the score to the latter’s movie Gran Torino. 

Said Eastwood to Cullum on the radio show the latter hosts, according to aceshowbiz.com: “You jumped off the piano . . . I thought, ‘Hey, this guy’s going somewhere!’ I did feel that you were bringing an entertainment value to jazz, or swing or blues or whatever you were playing . . . that had long been missing. I became a fan on that evening.”

The link above is to a song written in 2005 (lyrics below).

When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life,
I see so much magic, though I missed it at the time.



sources: wikipedia.org, theage.com, aceshowbiz.com


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